The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.
—William H. Gass

Book Reviews

How to Dance as the Roof Caves In by Nick Lantz”
The Rumpus, Fall 2014

“Yours in Words: An Epistolary Review of Luisa Igloria’s The Saints of Streets
The Rumpus, Spring 2014

“Shara Lessley: Two-Headed Nightingale
Smartish Pace, Spring 2014

“Making’s Process; Or A Defense of Poetry”
The Rumpus, April 2013

“Inventing the Lived: The Paradise in Bruce Snider’s Paradise, Indiana
Smartish Pace, Fall 2012

“A Vowel Away from Master”
The Rumpus, November 2011

“Interview with Kara Candito”
The Rumpus, January 2010

“In Search of Free Union”
The Rumpus, May 2009


Academic Articles

“Within the Zodiac of Wit: Philip Sidney, William Scott, and the Right Reader Turned Right Poet.” The Sidney Journal 33.1 (2015): 91-107. Print

“(An Almost) Failure Analysis: Britomart, Calidore, and Reading The Faerie Queene in the Contemporary Literature and Creative Writing Classroom.” The Spenser Review (December, 2015): Online.

“Britomart’s Sex Sets “British” On Fire: The Faerie Queene’s Queer Britain.” Selected Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Northern Plains Conference on Early British Literature, Edited by John Kerr (Fall, 2011): 30-40.


Nonfiction Articles

“Making’s Progress; Or, A Defense Of Poetry” in The Rumpus, April 24, 2013.



2011, Spring: “A Conversation with Ander Monson.” Grist: The Journal for Writers. Issue 4: 72-76.



2017, “Physics” in 3Elements Review

2017, “Currency” in Dum Dum Zine

2017, Forthcoming, “Holdfast” in The Adroit Journal

2017, “Christian Anton Gerard in the Introspective” in Thrush

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Available Now!


2016, “A Knife’s Signature In His Alcoholic Palms” in Epiphany

2016, “Defense Of Poetry VI; or Alcoholic Expected Home” in Epiphany

2016,  “Defense of Poetry X; or Prayer In Recovery” in Epiphany




2016, Forthcoming, “Preservation” in The Literary Review

2016, Forthcoming, “Whiskey Called, She Said” in The Literary Review

2016,  “Sober Poem With A Reckoning” in The Pinch

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2016, Forthcoming, “Sobering Interrogative” in The Pinch

Sobering Interrogative_1

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Sobering Interrogative_2

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2016, Forthcoming, “Aubade in Afternoon” in Cleaver

2016, January, “Christian Anton Gerard and Her Yet Without a Past” in The Collagist

2016, January, “Her and Christian Anton Gerard in an Argon Cloud” in The Collagist

2016, Forthcoming, “Vocabulary” in Weave

2015, December, “To Ansel on His Second Birthday” in Diode

2015, December, “Dear You, Ideally It Will Go Down Like This” in Diode

2015, November, “Steelhead Don’t Ask Where the White Goes” in Thrush

2015, September, “Anonymous” in Fjords Review

2015, April “Poem for Her in Time” in The Rumpus

2015, Spring, “Christian Anton Gerard is Unable to be Opaque” in Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture (1900-The Present)

2015, Winter: “Christian Anton Gerard Moving Toward Psalm” in Thrush

2014, Winter: “Materials; Or Revision” in Bluestem

2014, Fall: “Defense of Poetry 1” in Post Road

2014, Fall: “Defense of Poetry 2” in Post Road

2014, Fall: “Pastoral” in Cutthroat

2014, Fall: “Love Poem” in Cutthroat

2014, Fall: “Defense Prayer” in The Zen Space

2014, Fall: “Enargia” in The Zen Space

2014, Fall: “Ars Poetica” in storySouth

2014, July: “Writing Hand” in Thrush

2014, July: “Defense of Poetry XI; or The Poet Explaining Himself” in Thrush

2014, June: “Defense of Poetry IV” in Stirring: A Literary Collection

2014, April: “Image” in The Tattooed Poets Project

2014, April: “Wilmot Here, Collect For Stella; or Taking Stock” in Iron Horse Literary Review

2014, April: “Stella’s Folks Offered Twenty Large” in Iron Horse Literary Review

2014, April: “I’ve Been Angry Before” in Iron Horse Literary Review

2013, October: “Wilmot Here, Collect For Stella; or Soliloquy to a Bartender” in Monarch Magazine

2013, Fall: “Your Mom Can Go To Hell, I’m Not Hiding Anything…” in Fjords Review

2013, Fall: “Wilmot Here, Collect For Stella; Or Ok, Something Happened In That House ” in Fjords Review

2013, Fall: “Bathing Suits Are Not About Hiding” in Fjords Review

2013, Fall: “Operator’s Manual” in The Collagist

2013, Fall: “Water Skiing With Robert Creeley” in The Collagist

2013, May: “Wilmot Here, Collect for Stella,” in Thrush

2013, Spring: “Ghosts Keep Us Moving, She Said, Think About A Field…” in The Rumpus Original Poetry Anthology

2013, Spring Print Annual: “You Bent To Smell Artichoke-Thistles” in Apt

2013, Spring Print Annual: “Do You Have Anything Of His? Stella Said” in Apt

2013, Spring Print Annual: “Wilmot Summons His Grandfather’s Ghost” in Apt

2012, Fall: “Twenty-Something Boy Makes A Mix Tape” in B O D Y

2012, Fall: “Boy Making Eyes; Or Dear Madame” in B O D Y

2012, Fall: “Rhinoceri” in Pank

2012, Fall: “Boy Splinter” in Pank

2012, Fall: “You Fell In Love With Her Elbows? in Waccamaw

2012, Fall: “When She Amtraked to Canada” in Waccamaw

2012, Summer: “Gramps Stayed Drunk on Jazz” in The Journal

2012, Spring: “Ghosts Keep Us Moving, She Said, Think About A Field…” in The Rumpus

2012, Spring: “You’ve Become Smoke in My Lungs, She Wrote” in Redivider

2012, Spring: “Wilmot’s Plane Leaves in Forty-Five Minutes, But” in Redivider

2011, Spring: “I Think My Body is Polytheistic, She Said,” in The Collagist

2011, Spring: “Apotheosis” in Passages North

2010, Spring: “A Fall” in Poetry East

2010, Spring: “What Makes a Life” in Smartish Pace

2009, November/December: “Probably, Then” in Orion

2009, Fall: “Customs” in Redivider

2009, Summer: “Look Outside:” in Faultline

2009, Spring: “Old House Found While Hiking” in Waccamaw

2009, Spring: “Waiting at the Oyamel” in Phoebe

2009, Spring: “Sown” in Potomac Review

2008, Fall: “Bull In A China Shop” in The Eleventh Muse – Second Prize, 2008 Eleventh Muse Contest

2008, Fall: “The Height Of Being” in Bent Pin Quarterly

2008, Spring: “Synecdoche” in Whiskey Island – Finalist, 2008 Whiskey Island Poetry Prize

2008, Spring: “Digging A Hole” in Harpur Palate

2008, Spring: “First Time” in Free Lunch – Rosine Offen Memorial Award

2008, Spring: “Art For Art’s Sake” in The Cartographer Electric

2007, Fall: “Amarillo, For A Change” in Whiskey Island

2007, Fall: “Peggy Wants A Picket Fence” in Whiskey Island

2007, Fall: “Attn: Murderers Please Read”; “Negotiations”; “One Day It Won’t Hurt” in Triplopia

2007, Spring: “I Used To Be In A Band” in Bloodlotus